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Welding is an art form that takes years of training and practice to perfect.

It can, however, be very hazardous; therefore, it is not recommended for any person without some sort of training to attempt to weld. Welders must wear protective clothing, welding gloves, protective eyewear and/or a welding helmet.

Employees of Blue Wave Coastal Services have been thoroughly trained in occupational safety and make every effort to keep themselves and their work area safe. We are licensed and certified in welding. Our crew is insured, and our work is guaranteed.

Finished welded products can take many shapes from an intricate window dressing to framing for a high-rise building. Welding can be completed on delicate materials as well as massive steel girders.

Welding can be done by many methods including gas, electric arc, lasers or even ultrasound. The three welding methods use mostly by our company are:

STICK (or arc) Welding

– Stick welding is a basic type of welding using a consumable electrode to make an electric arc, melt the metal and deliver the liquid that will bind the pieces together when cooled. This type of welding is superior for thicker, heavier metals.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding

– TIG welding is a slower more precise method that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to make an arc. A filler material may or may not be used, depending on the specific project.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding

– MIG welding is the most widely used welding method. This method uses a spool of continuous fed wire. This method is faster than TIG welding; it causes the metal work pieces to melt and join together. MIG welding is more suitable for thinner metals, sheet metals and alloys and is used quite a bit by industries doing automated or robot welding.

Procedures may be vastly different, but the end results are the same. Basically welding is the process of attaching one piece of metal to another piece of metal. Welding can be done on many different types of metals, alloys or even thermoplastics. Welding can be done on aluminum, stainless steel, wrought iron, galvanized metal or steel. Blue Wave Coastal Services has thirty years of experience in welding. Our workers are experts in welding repairs, steel repairs, mobile welding and all types of welding services.

Blue Wave provides portable welding services dispatched out of West Palm Beach, FL. Our crew does portable welding including repairs on docks and seawalls. Give us a call, mention this website and receive a free estimate of the costs required for your welding project including steel repairs.

Blue Wave is also a licensed structural steel contractor. We will be happy to inspect the jobsite or review the blueprints and bid on the total costs involved with any construction job or a bid for any portion of the job to be completed.

Our mobile units are self contained and outfitted with all the products, supplies and equipment necessary to complete welding services and welding repairs at your site. We have mobile welding machines and generators which allow us to complete your metal cutting or welding at the job site. In- shop fabrications are also available for completing jobs for homeowners, businesses and structural contractors.
We do not charge for travel time within Palm Beach County. Mention this website and receive a free estimate.